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Chapter 4 – Next Destination Colombia

We arrived to Colombia on Friday August 10, 2012 at 6am. Upon arriving we got greeted by my two aunts and my cousin. It felt good to see them again and of course to be back where I was born after all I felt like I needed the break.  Monday came by and I was ready to go see my family doctor, he turned out to be an acupuncturist.

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a Chinese medical practice or procedure that treats illness or provides local anesthesia by the insertion of needles at specified sites of the body.

The acupuncturist, Master Chang turned out to be really friendly and so did the other doctors that worked with him. They told me what my Chinese sign was, a dragon.

The Dragon symbol according to Chinese astrology is a symbol that represents the Chinese emperors. Dragons are born to be leaders and also masters of ceremonies. And because of this, every Chinese parent hopes they have a Dragon child. Dragon people get things started and keep them moving. We are feisty and gifted with power and luck. Most people look up to the Dragon.

The first appointment.

On the first appointment not only did I find out I was a dragon in the Chinese calendar but also I got to get poked by the needles I got some on my head one on my ear that hurt some throughout my body and feet. Then my needles got connected to a machine that gave small amounts of electricity, turns out I had to wait about 30 minutes with this on each session, also I got about a bag of serum through an IV ( i=intra or into and v=vein). My procedure continued it was twice a week I had to go do it for the first four sessions.

Alcohol and My Diabetes

*As quoted from the Clinical Practice Guidelines “as a general rule there is no need to avoid alcohol because you have diabetes”.

The time I had in Colombia was a blast however not only did I get to be treated by the acupuncturist but I also got to spend time with my family and friends. While I was there I also found out that I could also drink again but in a different manner. I now know I can still have a beer, maybe three… and my sugar won’t go below 4 mmol/L (72 mg/dL). I would also advice you to eat before you plan on drinking and check your blood glucose to monitor it. I should warn you please consult with your doctor before drinking and read more into it before you do. Will have a chapter later on about the subject.

The Cucumber

After my third visit Master Chang told me and my mom about a cucumber from Thailand that one of his patients used to “cure” or in other words help with your diabetes by keeping your blood glucose on a normal target. He gave us this orange like cucumber that had seeds and told us it was a gift and to make sure we planted the seeds so we were able to get more cucumbers out of it.
The trick with this cucumber is that you can only do it for nine days no more. In Canada this cucumber is called “Bitter Melon” below you will find the procedure.

The Bitter Melon Water

* Get the bitter melon at your grocery store this melon looks green.

* Cut one piece and boil for about 20-30 minutes.

* The boiled water that you used should be enough for drinking three times a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner or bed time)

* Make the water every day and drink it for nine days each month this will help control your sugar levels as it will clean your blood.

The last day of my treatment finally came a week before I was leaving Colombia and they decided to do acupuncture once again and this time they decided they would clean my blood through the IV. They took some of my blood out and injected it to the serum and again I had to wait for the little bag to be drained.

Was the trip to Colombia worth it?

Yes! I relaxed and it’s always god to go back home. Also I found that acupuncture does seem to work for me since my blood sugar were at a normal range while and after my treatment. I would recommend any diabetic that’s having a hard time with their diabetes to go to an acupuncturist. I also got some natural medicine before I left.


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